Rahu Kaal, Yamagandam & Gulika Kaal

We are happy to announce new feature that tells you which Kaal is going on during choghadiya.

Besides regular choghadiyas, there are three different kaal periods that falls into same choghadiya period. These kaal periods have their own importance so we thought it would be really useful to add them as part of choghadiya so that it helps in making good mahurat decision.

Rahu kaal is related to planet Rahu. Activities performed during Rahu Kaal are either cancelled or postponed. This kaal period is considered unauspicious. So one should not perform any auspicious work or ceremony during this period.

Yamagandam is related to Yama who is god of death. Activities performed during Yamagandam kaal are destroyed. This kaal period is also considered unauspicious. So any good work must not be performed during this period.

The third and final kaal is Gulika kaal. This kaal is related to son Gulika of god Saturn. Activities performed during this period are repeated. Even though it has same importance as other two kaal period, people still perform some activities in this period which they want to perform again and agian. But one must never perform death rights during this period so in that sense it is considered unauspicious.

I hope I gave you enough information to start using this kaal period feature in our Choghadiya app.

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