Future and Past Choghadiya

Ever wondered which choghadiya you were born into ? Which choghadiya you were married into or you are going to marry in?

Recently we released new feature to search choghadiya based on location. It is added functionality to existing search choghadiya by date feature. It gives you power to know future and past choghadiya for all locations around the world (depends on location data availability).

Now if somebody ask you which choghadiya you were born into? Not only you can answer that question easily but also you can find out other family members birth choghadiya as well.

Finding future or past choghadiya is really easy. Just tap on “SEARCH CHOGHADIYA BY DATE” button. You need to pick a date and search for location. Once you pick location, tap “SEARCH” button and there you have it.

Accurate time is really important beside location. Choghadiya search feature also provides the way to pick timezone based on selected location as well. Please tap on timezone to change it if location you selected belongs to country with multiple timezone.

We hope you will find this feature really helpful. Have a wonderful day!

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