Rahu Kaal, Yamagandam & Gulika Kaal

We are happy to announce new feature that tells you which Kaal is going on during choghadiya.

Besides regular choghadiyas, there are three different kaal periods that falls into same choghadiya period. These kaal periods have their own importance so we thought it would be really useful to add them as part of choghadiya so that it helps in making good mahurat decision.

Rahu kaal is related to planet Rahu. Activities performed during Rahu Kaal are either cancelled or postponed. This kaal period is considered unauspicious. So one should not perform any auspicious work or ceremony during this period.

Yamagandam is related to Yama who is god of death. Activities performed during Yamagandam kaal are destroyed. This kaal period is also considered unauspicious. So any good work must not be performed during this period.

The third and final kaal is Gulika kaal. This kaal is related to son Gulika of god Saturn. Activities performed during this period are repeated. Even though it has same importance as other two kaal period, people still perform some activities in this period which they want to perform again and agian. But one must never perform death rights during this period so in that sense it is considered unauspicious.

I hope I gave you enough information to start using this kaal period feature in our Choghadiya app.

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Future and Past Choghadiya

Ever wondered which choghadiya you were born into ? Which choghadiya you were married into or you are going to marry in?

Recently we released new feature to search choghadiya based on location. It is added functionality to existing search choghadiya by date feature. It gives you power to know future and past choghadiya for all locations around the world (depends on location data availability).

Now if somebody ask you which choghadiya you were born into? Not only you can answer that question easily but also you can find out other family members birth choghadiya as well.

Finding future or past choghadiya is really easy. Just tap on “SEARCH CHOGHADIYA BY DATE” button. You need to pick a date and search for location. Once you pick location, tap “SEARCH” button and there you have it.

Accurate time is really important beside location. Choghadiya search feature also provides the way to pick timezone based on selected location as well. Please tap on timezone to change it if location you selected belongs to country with multiple timezone.

We hope you will find this feature really helpful. Have a wonderful day!

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Today,  Labh Panchami, I decided to release my Choghadiya app for public. It’s been quite a journey going through whole development of Choghadiya.

Choghadiya, is a mahurat or timing which helps in kick starting in any important aspect of life. Often we are in question that if it is good or bad time? Should I start today or tomorrow? what time should I pick to start my puja or ceremony? When does mahurat start and end? or even funny, sometime people ask us, which choghadiya you were born in ? 

Well, here is the answer to all those question plus much more in the form of new Choghadiya app. It uses modern and sleek design giving you detail of what you need to know on the first glance.

Notable Features:

  • Current Choghaidya with description and timing.
  • Current Choghadiya timer.
  • Previous and Next Choghadiya with timings.
  • Today”s sunrise and sunset details.
  • Day choghadiya.
  • Night choghadiya.
  • Supports English, Hindi, Gujarati langulages.
  • Notifies you on choghadiya change.
  • Search choghadiya by date and location.
  • Rahu kaal, Yamagandam and Gulika Kaal details.

This is not an end but just beginning. We are trying to improve and add as many features as it is possible. We are hoping for your co-operation in this new journey. We welcome your feedback. You can always share your valuable feedback at [email protected] Please make sure that subject line contains CITTAHUB-CHOGHADIYA.

Thank you, I appreciate your time reading this.
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This product includes data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com/. It only uses this data for search city feature.